Purchasing West End Theater Tickets for the Best London Shows

West End Theater Tickets can be purchased from a variety of sources, and in variety of ways. The shows you can purchase for include Phantom of the Opera, The Moustrap and War horse respectively.

Phantom of the Opera Tickets and War Horse Tickets on Sale Now

The tickets for Phantom of the Opera can either be bought from the box office of Her Majesty’s Theater which is just of the Legendary Pall Mall in the Center of London. The best way to get to the Theater is to take the London Underground to Piccadilly Circus and walk from there. Coming out of the station you turn Left down Regent Street (or if you are on Haymarket street turn right) and walk to Charles II street (the Theater www.haytheatre.com is on that street).

Another way is to simply book online and download the information with performances and transport from the website.

War Horse Tickets

The tickets for War Horse can also be bought from the box office of the theater it’s on at. This play is on at the “New London Theatre” in Drury lane in the heart of the West End. Here you would have a choice of underground stations, you can either take the “Tube” (as the underground is lovingly called by Londoners) to Covent Garden or to Holborn. Probably the best is Covent Garden and turn right onto Long Acre Street as you come out of the station. Drury lane is about one hundred meters up and crosses the street. Take a left and the Theater is just up on the right.

Actually the best way here is probably to also book on line as then you can get details of how to get to the theater from your hotel.

The Mousetrap

The Mousetrap is showing at St Martins theater on St Martins Street in the West End. The nearest “Tube” station is Leicester square. Just walk out of the station and turn left. Head up the road and the theater is on the left at the Litchfield street intersection.

Billy Elliot

Billy Elliot is on at the Victoria Palace which is over the bridge on the south bank of the Thames. The Theater is just outside the famous Victoria Station which is the one of the eight main rail stations in London and serves the South East of England.


Probably the best way to book for west end theater tickets is through the web. You can go to the ticket office of the theater if you are in the area on the day, but the fact is that many of the shows “sell out” on a daily basis and if you leave it until turning up that night you might just find that there are no seats left. Or at least you end up with seats you didn’t want!

Booking via the website is the best option simply because you get the information there and then as to whether the seats you want are available, whether it’s Phantom of the Opera tickets, War Horse tickets or any other show you are after.

Using the London underground is by far the easiest way to get around, the service runs from 6am to 12 midnight every day with trains running every two minutes at peak times. Miss your train and no problem, another will be along in two or three minutes making sure you are never late for that opening you’ve looked forward to.

To enjoy a show in London’s West End is on the list of things “to do” of many people. The best way to make sure it really happens and you get the seats you want is to book in advance, the most convenient way of doing that is to do it via the web. That way you make sure to get what you pay for.

Leah Williams writes articles for London Tickets, who take the effort out of searching and finding the best price and availability for west end theater tickets. In London’s West End, many classic and modern performances can be seen every day. So if you’re searching for Phantom of the Opera, the classic by Andrew Lloyd Webber, or war horse tickets and seat availability, visit London Tickets to search and find availability for your favorite performance..

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