Is A Poker Chip Set With Denominations The Right Chip Set For You? Part 1 of 2


For the purpose of this article we will categorize all poker chips into one of two styles. Those with denominations or values printed on them, and those without denominations printed on them. This article will discuss the pros and cons of a Poker Chip Set With Denominations. Before you invest in a nice new set, decide which style is really best for your particular and usual game. Then buy accordingly for best results Online betting sites.

If your regular game is a cash or ring poker game, rather than tournament style poker games, a chip set with denominations may be your best choice. The advantages of this style are that they usually have nice graphics on them along with the denomination, the values of each chip is immediately and easy recognized by regulars and newcomers alike. You don’t hear “now which are the 5’s” so often. If you usually play about the same stakes here’s a suggestion on figuring what quantities you might need. Example: You almost always play $1/$2 NL Holdem ring or cash game with up to 10 players and a $300 maximum buy-in. If all 10 players buy in twice, you could need a total of $6000 worth of chips in the poker chip set. Blinds being $1/$2 each player only needs a few, say 10 to 20 $1 chips. Most of your chips would be $5 chips. The stakes suggest most bets will consist of $5 chips. Then some $25’s and maybe a few $100’s so that you don’t require $6000 in $5 chips. You could make a 500 chip set work, but for a little flexibility and some extra chips just in case, a larger set would accommodate the occasional larger group of players or different stakes with a little room to spare. Probably your best long term choice.

The major disadvantage of a poker chip set with denominations is that you are much more restricted in the stakes you can play for, a red $5 is always a $5, and usually requires a larger chip set with a wide variety of values to play high and low stakes or tournament style poker. A set of poker chips with denominations is not as flexible in terms of game style and stakes as a poker chip set without denominations that are valued only by color, valued at whatever you choose.